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The Tower, 2015. Site-specific installation. Wood and MDF Board. 500 x 500 x 700 cm. Art Istanbul International, at Golden Horn, Istanbul, 2015

The Tower

Timber 700x500x500cm, 2015

The tower is a metaphor for human endeavor, climbing to reach for higher social order and power. As well a spectacle it provides an opportunity for contemplation and enlightenment. Through the use of uniformity of physical forms rooted to earth, the structure as a symbol expresses a sense of misconception and utopia.

I hope to create a form that invites the viewer to interpret the notion of escape from an incomplete ideal to place of dream and fantasy. The tow- er is an expression of Human prowess and a utopian strive to achieve some- thing we do not yet have. The current race for higher and grandiose towers much echoes the repetitive ambition of man throughout history to mark his legacy in time.

Exhibited as part of Art International Istanbul 2015

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