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Nowhere to Climb

600 x 300 x 300 cm 

wood trunks, 2020


as part of the Everywhere is Somewhere Public Art Duhok 2020
Artists: Awni Jacksi, Barzan Mohsin, Dadvan Mohamad Dijwar Issa Dler Zahir Gailan Abdullah Hemn Hamed Shivan Nematallah Saeed ,Walid Siti, Welat Najeeb

In 2019, in spite of many challenges we faced, however, with relative success we managed to hold the first edition of Public Art Duhok 2019, in the centre city of Duhok. We the group of artists involved decided to organise the 2ndedition of the Public Art Duhok, in October 2020 under the title “Everywhere is Somewhere “ which will be an exploration of identity and culture through art. 
We were extremely pleased and fortunate to have won a generous grant from Spotlight Iraq of the Goethe institute to support our project. Covid-19 has presented us with enormous challenges as some of the artists involved were infected with the virus which threatened our project as a whole. Believing in the objectives of our art project and the need for a positive cultural activity we decided to hold the event. 
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