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Right to Climb, 2017. Site-specific installation. Timber and paint. 800 x 120 x 120 cm

Right to Climb

Timber and paint

800x120x120cm, 2017


The premise for the concept behind this work stems from the on-going changes in all spheres of life; political, economic and social. The urge for rapid development leads to adapting cultural and spatial features that have no substantial bearing for the social needs of the people. This is demonstrated particularly in large clumsy commercial architectural projects.


Everyone aspires to be provided with the mental and physical space to embark on the journey of betterment in their life. My work, titled Right to Climb 2017, formed of seven cubes made from timber attempts to convey that idea. Though the seven spaces are connected with ladders, an ancient tool of climbing, the flimsiness and volatile balance of construction tells of a precarious state of achieving the goal of social mobility. 

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