Artist Statement

My work increasingly considers the tensions between collective identity, interdependence and its constraints on the individual through considerations of heritage, tradition, homes, borders, mobility and migration. These themes have had an imprint on my outlook, and contributed to shape my art and life.

My work produced in the last 3 years, comprises of installations, 3D works, works on paper and on canvas. Fictional shapes of mountains, pyramids, the Ziggurat and ladders continue to form an essential part of my visual vocabulary. Each of these forms and their deconstruction in the work conveys the concept of a shift from their former position within a historical cultural tradition to a complex contemporary form. This shift ensues a transformation from order to disorder and vice versa. The work creates a visual metaphor for dislocation and disorientation. Here, a new potential has been unleashed in a fragile and troubled landscape that is witnessing rapid social change, shifting power structures, inept development and an uncertain future.